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Joint Base Langley-Eustis Tracking Thread

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Status: V2 In Progress (~30% Complete)

Welcome to the Joint Base Langley-Eustis Tracking Thread! I’ve been fortunate to be with the Scenery Editing team for just over a year and to work on a place I’ve dreamed of working at. In fact, I first started my editing career right here! The final result was of course, full of flaws. Currently, it is now being reworked to live up to my highest standard yet, which is why I decided to make its own tracking thread.

If you know me well, I have a certain affinity for the F-22 Raptor. Where you would find most, if not all activity involving the Raptor on the East Coast is JBLE, which is why I decided to work on it. It is home to 3 squadrons of Raptors, two of them being the oldest operational United States fighter squadrons in the world (27th/94th, 1st Fighter Wing), active since World War I. JBLE is also the home of the world-famous F-22 Raptor Demonstration Team, one of the most sought-after jet demos on the American air show circuit. Infinite Flight’s own F-22 (FF-042) was originally based at JBLE before moving to Tyndall AFB to become a trainer jet.


  • When is it done?
    …When it’s done. Building an airport in this level of detail can take several months (unless you’re @Asneed8706. He speedbuilds like a machine!), and like software development, a release date is very hard to estimate. It’s worth mentioning that the time it is released depends on which update it will be in.

  • How did you do this?
    I’ve been using the editor for about a year now and applied every trick I’ve learned since then to my work. On top of this, I’ve used Google Earth’s 3D imagery to get precise height measurements for each building. I’ve also had help from @Asneed8706 and @Major-Tom

  • How long have you been working on this?
    I started JBLE V2 in July and been carefully working on it ever since.

  • What will happen when it’s released?
    Well, glad you asked! I am currently planning an event in joint the Global Air Forces and the Virtual Airshow Council (pending re-approval). It will be an inauguration ceremony and homecoming for GAF’s F-22 squadrons, plus a short air show.

  • Where’s Moritz?
    I’m looking right at him 😏

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Moritz needs an Air Force outfit for Air Force Bases. Nice work!

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Just put a BDU on him and we got a Combat Camera. Heheh

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I am but a simple kind of man lol. Keep up the awesome work brother, you’re crushing it man!

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Looks cool!! Keep the work up

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Thanks dude! Can’t wait to see a bunch of Raptors here!

Progress Update - 11/4/22

After I went on vacation (out of WiFi 😞) for a week, work has completed on a small northeastern part of the base; that being the Civil Air Patrol’s Langley Composite Squadron (VA-025) along with two “Hush Houses”. These special hangars are maintenance testbeds for the F-22’s mighty engines, the Pratt & Whitney F119. Exhaust from the engines flows down a large pipe out the backside of the hangars. Parking spots will be placed inside these hangars at a later stage of development.