Joining the 200th millimeter club — New gear testing @ LSGG

I now own a 55-200mm lens, the time of cropping 2/3 of the image is now past. I barely had time for spotting this month and yesterday the sky was planned to be clearing up on the evening.

We didn’t have much traffic but the three classics of Geneva were here as always…

Starting with a Swiss Airbus A220-100 coming from Zurich

Following with the Alpine A320 lined up for a flight to Bordeaux

Ending with Jetfly’s newest PC-12NGX from Dôle, a close-by French city

It was funny to find more private jets than airliners on a Wednesday afternoon but with European countries being placed on a redlist we will have to get used to the situation.

I hope you enjoyed and have a good day

Bonus image of the spot and the shy alps in the background


I may share the rest of session in the coming days if the time allows :^)

Incredible shots! Fantastic work!

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Lets gooooo 200mm gang :P


In all seriousness, amazing shots! That A320 is really well composed IMO

I am certified impressed you didn’t have a proper tele before, you must have still had something relatively high though right? Like 150 or something? Surely not like all of that was crop? 🤔

I think he had an 18-55.

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That’s pretty impressive then ngl.

Beautiful Photos 🤩

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Congrats on the 200mm club! Next step is the 600mm club!

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A wise master once said framing and composition accounts for most of a picture quality…

@KPIT @AndrewWu
I did have access to a 18-105mm but it wasn’t mine so most of the time I was trying to sneak into the fence to get some distance with the 18-55mm

The real question is : Tamron or Sigma 🤔


Discourse lowered the quality but I removed the trees and poles for ya if you want ;)

Sigma 100% I have the 150-600 Sigma lens and it’s fantastic

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Some very cool pictures! The light conditions and colours are especially great. Thanks for sharing!

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