Joining TFS

Can someone please help me get in touch with the leader of CEO of The Flying Squad I can’t seem to get in and I need to talk to a leader. It’s not a VA so I didn’t put it under that catagory.

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Hey…contact @Emil_Broe or @tonycfc95

Hey, are you able to contact me on Facebook?

TFS Admin

I looked and requested I’m IF Excalibur

But I don’t see your page

What’s TFS?

Contact @GuitartIvo

Incorrect. Contact either @tonycfc95 or @Emil_Broe as they are the recruiters.

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Looks like a Normal VA on that post and on the forum but once you join, you realise how fantastic it is.

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Oh,sorry…my bad!


We don’t have their Facebook

Either contact @tonycfc95 or @Emil_Broe

Make sure you have Facebook. :)

What is the name of there Facebook account

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