Joining IFC

Hey, im kinda new with this infinite flight community n i would like to be apart of it. I see multiple people say IFC or something like tha and i would like to be in tha community. What are the steps to become one or be in it?


IFC = Infinite Flight Community’s forums which you are on

I think you want to know about IFATC?
Could be?
Or I’m wrong…?

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There must be something else bc sometimes i see some pliots with a cool tag. But ik u have to be grade 3 for it. Or am i trippen🤣🤣

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No ur right i just didnt know wha it was

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There’s a ton of other organizations that require you be a Grade 3. Do you have any examples?

Check this on #atc


And finally some tutorials:

Hope it helps you.

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Check out #tutorials or #support

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First of all, Welcome
You are right now tust level 0, I sugest you fill out your profile and get a pic as well as start replying and clicking on the hearts to gain trust levels. You can Join events on live, talk about facts and real life situations, and request new features in comming updates.
Have a great day and enjoy the comminity



THANK U ALL! I really appreciate it im looking forwards to flying with u guys sum day.


Likewise, we hope to see you here more, if you have any other questions contact through the forum or you can even contact me through Private Message.
Good day!

If you have IFC in your display name in IF it is simply pointing out that you are part of this community. If you see me flying, my name would be “IFC theelevatorkey”

My display name is J2S-NORTHWEST VA CEO @Key

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Welcome to the IFC!

I suggest that you look at this to help you figure everything out:

BTW your in the IFC at the moment. But because your a TL1 (Basic), you won’t be able to post in the following categories: #real-world-aviation, #real-world-aviation:spotting, #features, #live:events, and #live:va. (I think I got them all)

I hope you have an amazing time on the community! 🙂



Also Welcome to the IFC

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There are also organisations called Virtual Airlines VAs or Virtual Organisations VOs, They also have custom callsigns and custom name tags.

Take a look at some, you might want to join one 👀

Welcome to the community!

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Hello @Playboii_Dray! below are some links I have dug out to help you 😊
Hi, IFC means Infinite Flight Community

Some useful links to get you going…


Hope that this helps


Don’t forget about reading time when reading other people’s posts and topics

Some of the things you may be seeing are VA or VO tags infront of people’s names. Yes, some people do put IFC infront of there nametag, but most are VA’s or VO’s.

IFC - JacksonAviation (that is here)
MKVA - JacksonAviation (Mokulele Virtual Airlines)
IFGAC - JacksonAviation (Infinite Flight General Aviation Club)

If you would like to know more about these, you can search them up in the search bar, or look in the IFVARB’s website.

Hope this helps :D

Also you may have two of those
For example

IFC-IPP Test Bot (Infinite flight community and International Professional Pilots
IFAE-BAVA Test bot (Infinite Flight Aviation Experts and British Airways Virtual
BAVA-AAVA Test bot (British Airlines Virtual and American Airlines Virtual)

If someone uses IFC it is often their community username