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Hello everyone,

I joined the IF community recently and found out that trained atc controllers can controll in the IF expert server. That is realy cool so I also want to do that. My plans are to apply for IFATC tomorrow, but I want to prepared on many things because I think I don’t know every thing yet. Are there any things to know before applying? Is there any way to prepare myself on exams? How is the whole recruitment going for IFATC?


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First take a look at all the requirements for joining. As long as you have a general concept of how ATC in IF works you should be ok.

Read the ATC Manual! That is the best way to study for the test. You can also watch YouTube tutorials on certain parts of ATC.


Firstly, it’s fantastic to hear that you’re looking to join the IFATC team in the near future. I would recommend taking a look through the topic I’ve linked below, especially the “how to prepare” section.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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Amazing! Thanks a lot!!!

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