Joining IFATC

How does IFATC work? Is there a separate group chat and everyone just asks about which airport they will be open at during certain times? Also do you need to have a certain amount of airports open per week to be active?

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Hello, you can find all information about it in the IFATC manual at Introduction | Infinite Flight.

The recruiting thread is here:


To be IFATC requires a written and practical exam by a recruiter.

Once in IFATC there is a schedule that dictates what areas are to be opened. Sometimes it is a hub, area, or pick your own. There are activity requirements for the size of airport you opened. 30 minutes or one hour or more.


Oh okay. Yeah I knew about the written and practical exam but I was just super curious behind the procedures for the IFATC. So there isn’t a set time like for example, you need to control this airport for one hour and then someone else will take over type scenario.

There is a time limit for Bravos vs Charlie/Delta. 60 minutes vs 30 minutes respectfully. You communicate via the ATC slack to talk about opening and closing along with any questions you have.

There are activity requirements to stay in ifatc which are documented in the manual linked above.


Sounds good! Thank you

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