Joining an A220 Crew For The Day | Part 2

Welcome to the second part of my day!

-On Spanish Soil-

I’m starting the second part just after I finished the first part, on the ground at Madrid Barajas (LEMD). After we had landed, the F/O went outside to say goodbye to the disembarking passengers during which I snapped this photo from his seat.

It didn’t turn out great as I took it on my phone.

Once everybody had disembarked the aircraft, the F/O gave me a high visibility jacket and took outside to do the walkaround. I didn’t take any pictures because there was a lot going on and I would have to get permission from the ground staff to post pictures on here.

After a quick turnaround we were on our way back to Zürich.

@JackH was in Madrid at the same time as me and managed to get a photo of me taxiing to the runway. Thanks again for spotting me Jack!

Twelve minutes after pushback we were ready for departure at runway 36R. No one was in front of us, so we were granted takeoff clearance immediately after requesting it. Here’s a picture of us lining up on runway 36R.


Our cruise altitude on the way back to Zürich was FL380. I saw loads of aircraft zoom past below us. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera out when an Iberian A319-100 flew over us at FL390. It was only 1000ft above us! During cruise I chatted again to the pilots and was even served another meal. We flew over the Pyrenees and pretty close to the Swiss Alps.

After a 40 minute cruise time over Europe it was time for us to descend back down to Zürich.


Whilst we were getting vectored in for the ILS APPR RWY 14, we flew right over my local airfield. We got a TCAS warning because there was a glider very close below us. A few minutes after the incident we were established on the localizer for runway 14 at Zürich. Here’s a picture I took whilst we were on final.

-Zürich Ground-

After we touched down, we made a swift exit as there was an aircraft on final. We were cleared to to cross runway 28, which we departed on just five hours earlier. After that we made our way to stand A10.

-The End-

Unfortunately all things must come to an end. It was an amazing experience, I enjoyed every single bit of it. Hopefully, in a couple of years, I’ll be sitting on the right seat of an A220.

-Fun Fact-

The aircraft I flew on to Madrid, HB-JBF, was one of many aircraft I spotted on the 15th of June at the LHR meetup! Here’s a picture I got from Heathrow.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read through this thread. As always feedback is appreciated. Have a nice day :)

Check out Part 1 if haven’t already seen it!


Very detailed! The A220 is quite a stunning aircraft. Glad you had fun! :)

Also, I love the pictures haha


Wow! Stunning pictures and story. Hope you had a fantastic time! 😉


Thanks for the kind words! @bdreslin02 @Ondrej


Wow really cool! It’s awesome that you had such a great experience! Thanks for reporting on it.


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