Joining an A220 Crew For The Day | Part 1

Hello Community!

On Monday the 1st of July, I was invited to join the crew of a SWISS A220-100 on a flight from Zürich (LSZH) to Madrid Barajas (LEMD). The best thing about this experience was my seat. The First Officer, who invited me, managed to pull a few strings and managed to reserve the jumpseat for me. I was buzzing when I found out this was happening! Below is a little timeline of my day.


After a terrible nights sleep, I got up and did my usual morning routine. An hour later, at 5am, I headed outside and waited for the first officer to pick me up, not knowing what the day held in store for me.


Half an hour after I was picked up, I was standing in one of the parking garages at Zürich airport. The first officer handed me my tickets and headed to the operations centre whilst I headed to the terminal, where I went straight to security. After a quick check I was on my way to the A gates at Zürich. I had a lot of time to kill, so I went to a seating area and did some spotting.


After seeing “Go to gate”, I headed to Gate 54 where boarding had already started. I was told to be the last passenger to board, so that the flight attendants would recognize me. As soon as I had boarded, one of the flight attendants asked me for my name, shook my hand and welcomed me onboard. The F/O welcomed me to the cockpit where I was greeted by the Captain and this view:

It was really nice to see that the captain was female.


We taxied to runway 28 a.k.a “Westpiste” (West runway) here at Zürich.


After an A321-100 took off in-front of us, I heard “Swiss 202D, line up and wait runway 28”. Two minutes later we were cleared for take off. The picture isn’t great. Sorry about that.

-During Cruise-

We cruised above the skies over Europe for roughly an hour in which time I got to speak to the pilots and take loads of pictures. The flight attendant was very kind and offered me a business class meal and regularly checked in to see how I was doing. Here is a picture I got whilst flying over the a

-Approach into Madrid-

During our approach into Madrid we were guided down safely by various air traffic controllers. I was surprised when they spoke Spanish and English on frequency.
We were vectored for a straight in approach for runway 32R. Whilst we were on final I took these pictures:

-On Spanish Soil-

After landing, we taxied towards our gate. Today it was T24. Once the pilots had completed the before shutdown checklist, the F/O went outside to say goodbye to the passengers. Afterwards we went outside to do the walk around of the aircraft. I didn’t get any pictures during the walk around as a lot was going on.

I hope you enjoyed the first half of my day! I’ll try to post the second part in the next few days. Also feedback is appreciated. Have a good day :)


Amazing pictures !


Holy cow! How did you get to do that? Was it a competition or something?


WOW, amazing pictures. Like the one with the mountains. Enjoy yourself. and have fun doing this. Yes expect ATC to speak their own language. What were you doing to get there?


Wow. Really interesting! I like this!


Holy moly where do I sign up??

How did you manage to do this?


I know the First officer. I told him a little bit about myself, that I’m fascinated by aviation, and he invited me to join him to Madrid.


I know a UPS captian… But I haven’t been offered to fly with him lol


I think the laws in the USA are different.


Wait. This is part one and it already looks like an experience of a life time! Beautiful pictures man!


That brings up some memories. Had the chance of flying in the cockpit of a Hello A320 from Basel to Tenerife and back seven years ago. What a great experience it was.

Your pictures look amazing and you got lucky with the weather too! Looking forward to part 2 👀


Thanks for this amazing thread! The A220 truly is an amazing aircraft!

Looking forward to Part 2.

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Looks like I need to get in with some pilots. That’s amazing! Must have been a really great experience. I wish I could do something like that! I’ll have to look into doing something like that👀

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This is so cool, wish I could experience something like that.

On a different note, I am genuinely quite confused about the laws regarding outside people in the cockpit. It looks like the US is much more strict on when people can visit the cockpit. In Europe, it’s much more relaxed. When I was younger, it was never an issue for me to visit the cockpit mid-flight. Cyprus Airways and Aeroflot were very inviting about letting me into the cockpit while cruising. Never in the US, apparently.


Wow that’s nice

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It is. To fly in the cockpit of the 121 world (So like Alaska, Atlas, Delta, ect) you need be crew, a fed, or be in the CASS program. In the 135 world, small air taxis and stuff they’re a little more laid back. We don’t allow anyone in the cockpit unless you’re in CASS or work for our company


Nice pictures !
I have a question, what are those pink “things” in front of the pilots ?


If you are talking about the pink “visor” that they are looking through, it is a HUD display!


Wauw, didn’t know that that existed…
How cool is that…

That is an awesome experience for sure! Thanks for letting us be a part of it. :)

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