Joining a Virtual Airline?

I have been in a few VA over the past few months and now I am currently looking for a more perminant role in a airline. I am very active and would want to join any VA as soon as possible.

Grade 4
Flight time 52 hours

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Hey Bob, I would recommend you to go and check out Qantas Virtual as it is a very active and professional VA.

Otherwise you could look through the Virtual Airlines Database and pick a VA that you think will suit you.


TravelSky may interest you?

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Check tis out this may help you find one.


There are many options available to you! Check the VA database in the VA category to see all the airlines available. I’m currently part of Virgin Australia Virtual and we are always looking for pilots! Also we are going to be flying real world routes in the future. PM @Riley_Dunshea for more information! :)


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