Joining a Virtual Airline


I am looking to join a Virtual Airline Group. How can I join?

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also the #live:va category is there then there’s link above if you want to create a VA


Also different VAs have different rules and regulations

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I assume your question was related to joining as a pilot?

If you are wanting to join a specific VA, you will need to contact that VA and read their requirements. Each VA has their own rules on admitting pilots. Some have waiting lists, grade requirements, etc.

If you want to create a new VA as a whole, follow the link that @J2S provided above.


It’s simple. Look up the name of your virtual airline (filter the category to #live:va for best results) and click on their thread. Most VAs have some requirements and all have rules; make sure to read them. Check out the VA’s website for more information about them. If you meet these requirements and are able to follow these rules, the thread and website should have a link to an application. Follow the application process, complete the tests (if the VA has tests) and you are good to go!

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Thanks for the information

When you look at the VAs you can decided what type of VA you want to join. Some are based on real life airlines and follow their routes and livery’s closely with strong career progression as a pilot ( Qantas and BAVA as examples) whilst others are more free flowing and are ‘made up” which has more freedoms on what and where you fly.

There are even some Airforce based VAs. So what ever you enjoy flying there will be something there for you!

Good luck and happy landing!

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