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Hello pilots,
For those who dont know me im Gadget Pilot from YouTube. I would like to join a virtual airline to have a bit more fun in the game.
Any suggestions?

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First of all, happy IFC Anniversary! Glad to see you have been here for quite some time! Anyway, in regards to your question, please visit the IFVARB VA/VO Database using the following link: You can also visit the #live:va category to view VA Threads and sort through them.

Please note that there is also the possibility of the mods closing this so don’t be taken aback if that’s the case.


There are tones of them out there use @Z-Tube 's link

also HBD

Blake from USA_ATC

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I would suggest joining a airline you like .

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Hey! There are many VAs here at Infinite Flight. Feel free to check out, it shows you all the current Virtual Airlines! There’s also a new “I’m Feeling Lucky” button which randomly picks a VA for you… or head to #live:va and find a VA you like!

PS: Let’s not make this a advertising thread please.


This does not belong in #live:va. That category is strictly reserved for VA threads only. #general works just fine.

When joining a VA, be free with it! There are so many options, the journey only starts here.

@Thunderbolt Fixed. Sorry about that :)

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