Joining a flight as a passenger

It would be cool if you could just pick an Aircraft on the map and join the flight as a passenger and have the window view and all of the other views like top/bottom.
Maybe even have an option to rate the flight after landing from 1 to 5 and this will give the pilot more XP depending on the rating from the passengers😊


It would be unfair, some people might have multiple devices and use this feature and rate the pilot 5/5, making them gain XP rapidly.


Maybe they can prevent this by seeing that they have the same IP adress?

Maybe they should add a limit for rating the same pilot too much.

Nah, I don’t think the voting will be very feasible, but fair enough.

Just please for the love of god don’t add babies


then people just can connect to vpn

Babies voice is one of the factors why it will be realistic though :P

I would like to see this feature in the future though, It may be a long way to implementing this


Haha that’s where Scoot’s silent seats come in ;)

On that note, will we have seats from every class of every airline :o


Should only be on advance

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There’s a topic just like this.


Would it be restricted to like 30 other pilots have to rate in order to gain extra few XP. (I guess no one playing IF wish to or have more one or two accounts.)

Right, i don’t think someone will pay for 2 live accounts just for being a passenger on the flight he is flying himself just to get XP.


Why be a passenger when you can be a pilot? Isn’t that what IF is all about?

Just to have some ideas, learn about what other experts do etc.
Watch others to learn.


Great idea, Dev’s should implement this…

I think a shared cockpit is a better idea. Like in FSX, you need to have a password to join another pilot’s aircraft. This would mean a new right cockpit camera.

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Also not fair if they’re are more than 1 pilot on the same network

Spectating is actually a really good idea. It would take lots of time and effort to implement though!

This would give VAs an actual purpose so they can fly people around via this feature.

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