Joined the 5 million XP club

Well took nearly 8000 hours of flying but finally joined the 5 million XP club. Took a lot longer than usual since my flying has been impacted from change in work and Masters schedule. But finally got there. Wouldn’t have done the 5 million flight on anything but my baby, the 772ER.


Man on your birthday too! What a day! Congrats! 😁🥳🎂

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Not my birthday my IFC anniversary.


Wait… is it everyone’s anniversary or just yours… I could’ve sworn they were birthdays…

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What a huge milestone! I’m almost at 1.2 million so I guess I’m getting close haha. Congratulations!

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Congratulations! Right behind you 👏

Congratulations! That’s a massive achievement I haven’t even made it to 750k yet lol

Wow congrats! I can’t wait until I hit 1 million 😂

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