Join Whirlwind Airlines

Hi guys, it’s @Flying_Luc here, chief pilot and CO CEO of whirlwind airlines.
We are recruiting pilots of grade 2 and up to fly for us.
We fly modern, reliable and safe aircraft on very interesting routes.
If you are interested,please PM me or @LufthansaA340 , whirlwind airline CEO.
We fly the A330, A340, A320, Q400, B737 and B777.
We fly interesting daily routes such as Denver or the carribean. New routes are being created daily.
So why not fly for a safe, interesting and fun airline.

Please PM me and we will continue the application process.
Our website is still in creation.

Chief pilot/COCEO, whirlwind airlines int.

Our website is in still in creation

Sign up today, PM me or @LufthansaA340 whirlwinds CEO.

Our website is in the makings!

Fly for whirlwind today.
Recruiting for a limited time only.

New routes coming soon

Please welcome @James_Newton to the whirlwind family. He will be getting his check ride on the A330 with me soon. Congratulations.

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We still need a few pilots.

I love how there are CEO’s of VAs. Sounds so strange ;)

Nice name guys!


Thanks, appreciate it

Most VAs are like…


Mine is like…



We still need a few pilots to fly Hawaii routes? Salaries are good

Anybody interested in joining Infinite flight most modern, and highest paying airline?
Don’t look too far. Just PM me and we will talk

Our website is finished! Please check it out at

Thank you for advertising TravelSky guys

Dont compare TravelSky to others VA;
Great or bad we have our own way, and we still unique and original.

We still fabulous and growing also.

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No problem! Our VA would love to grow to your VAs popularity! Any tips for our VA?

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Also, I am proud to announce our newest Member! Please welcome @Thomas_Thuta!

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I had to wait

10 months before my first pilot.
2 months to win @BavariaAVIATION
He made a extraordinary work to help me made what our airline are today.
You need a great staff (i didnt forget b767fan, hmkane, simulation nerd etc) and a good spirit between all pilots.

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Thank you! Quite helpful!

If you want some tips for your VA then you can order a Virtual Helper free of charge from Sketch Flight :)

Sketch Flights Ordering Station -!order/sgqly

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