[Join us!] Let’s discover Zürich! (Partnered with SIVA, AFKLM, Nonstop Virtual, and the IFGAC) @ LSZH - 221500ZSEP19

Ok I’m sorry don’t be pissed… Then I will choose the A 319 with same callsign and destination of course

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Some updated information:
I am now an IFGAC pilot 🎉🤷‍♂️🎊 and my callsign is LY-IGN!

Thanks in advance!

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Can I take Gate B32? Callsign UVAL156

Hey, can I get C 52 with the flight S7 to Moscow DME?

Callsign: B11
Nickname: ReallyUniqueName
Aircraft: A319-200
Airline: S7 airlines (Siberia)
Gate: C 52 (Remote Stand)
Destination: Moscow DME
VA: none

@Ignas04, your callsign has been changed.
@xsrvmy, you have been added but I prefer that your callsign is Swiss 734 as that is the flight which you are replicating.
@Ivan_Menshchikov, S7 doesn’t fly to Zürich. If you want to fly to Moscow you can fly to Moscow SVO with Aeroflot A320 or if you really want to fly to Moscow DME then you can fly with the generic A320 because Swiss does that route with their A320 but since we don’t have Swiss A320 then you will have to fly with the generic livery.

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Ok, then switch to aeroflot A320 to Moscow SVO - that would be also nice

That flight is a UVAL codeshare which is why I specified my callsign. If you want me to not use this event for UVAL I would actually choose a different flight.

@Philippe_Gilbert Did you register me? I changed my aircraft to A 319! Thank you in advance

@Maximilian_Passmann, you have gate A47 and your callsign will be Swiss 562. See you at the event!
@Capt_Ced, I need your callsign.
@Ivan_Menshchikov, you have gate E42 and your callsign will be Aeroflot 2393. See you at the event!
@xsrvmy, your callsign has been changed.

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Thank you for the effort you put in for me!
I hope the event fulfills your expectations because you put such a lot of work into it

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Dock E is now completely full! But we still have plenty if gates available at docks A and B. There are also the remote stands and the general stands which are almost completely empty at the moment. So come on and sign up to this wonderful Swiss event.

Can I have the gate B35 or B39 for this flight?

Destination: Tel Aviv - Ben Gurion (LLBG)
Airline: SWISS
Aircraft: A333
Callsign: Swiss 252 Heavy
Name of pilot: FrancescoM
VA: None


@FrancescoM, your flight leaves from Dock E which is full. Therefore, I cannot allow you to fly from Dock B as it wouldn’t be realistic. Please choose another destination.

No problem, change with this:

Gate: B35-B39
Destination: Málaga - Costa Del Sol (LEMG)
Airline: SWISS
Aircraft: A321
Callsign: Swiss 2110
Name of pilot: FrancescoM
VA: None

@FrancescoM, you have gate B35. See you at the event!

Please could I have gate A53 to Barcelona. My call sign will be vueling 6247 and I am a pilot at SAS virtual. Thanks:)

Hi, I want to join your event. Can I get gate B36 please. Callsign: Swiss 291. Thanks!

I remade a new thread for the event as I couldn’t edit this one.