[Join Us] Glasgow Flyout @ EGPF - 311300ZJUL19

Server: Training

Airport: EGPF*

Time: 1300Z

NOTAM: *As this is a flyout there is no set destination for you to fly to but follow ALL ATC rules and requirements.


EGPF Ground:

EGPF Tower:

EGPF Approach:


(We’re using approach because EGPF has no Departure frequency and the ATIS Is available)

Runway Use: 05-23

Departure Heading

Runway 05: Fly Past waypoint NEXUS and then turn heading 250

Runway 23: Fly 230 until nearly 10NM north of NORBO then turn heading 180


1: @CaptainNoGear Dash 8 Sumburgh







23: @Aviation-21 757-200 Kefalvik

24: Host @Elliott Dash 8 Manchester

25: @den.aviation A320 Los Angeles






Will add more gates if required

This event does require you to join 15 minutes before Pushback for a Photo

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I’ll take a gate to Munich in a Lufthansa a320 please

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Ok then An A320 Luthtansa it is your Gate 25

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Thanks! Can’t wait!

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Welcome! Looking forward to seeing you there!

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@Elliott you can’t ask for ATC because it is on expert server

IFATC opens only in the featured airport that are in the schedule

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You can’t fly to KLAX in an A320

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Ok I might change it to Training then

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Not my problem

Does this mean 31 July? Keen.

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Yes It is the 31st July

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Haha. I don’t even know what I’m doing next Tuesday. Will fly out from Glasgow now though if you like.

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Sorry at class so can’t and I fly to Cape Verde in 2 days so I am flying Manchester to Praia on Infinite flight tomorrow

I’ll take any gate Icelandair 757-200 to BIKF.

Ok! Your gate 23 Sorry for the wait to be confirmed but I was 37000 feet up in the sky

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Is this event still up? It says closed i the title!?

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Hi ya, I would like to reserve a gate for a Dash 8 to Sumburgh Airport EGPB.

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I have put the event on hold for the moment please bear with

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Ok Gate Reserved

Hey I apologize for the late notice, but unfortunately I will be unable to make it to the event. I’ll be flying into Glasgow on the 1st of July and will be busy packing the day before. Apologies for any inconvenience, hope everyone enjoys the event!