[JOIN US! 37 ATTENDING] Huge Istanbul New Airport Flyout @ LTFM - 021800ZMAR19


I want the gate C01 or C02 please


A gate to Delhi please :)
Preferably D05.


@Capt_G.S_kalra What is your destination airport?


@Ayush_Mathur Gate D05 is yours!


Is the tower available


I would prefer to see this event in Expert server.
But maybe the March 1st FNF will be on LTFM.
So if it will have a FNF at LTFM for the opening I would prefer to fly once at the FNF.


@InfiniteAviation06 Yes, would you like to do tower?


Yes please


@InfiniteAviation06 Ok, tower is yours!


Ill take Gate C02 if possible. Im trying a flight to YSSY wity the bieing 777-300ER.


@Logan_Lee Gate C02 is yours!


@Jakub_Astary Can I take a gate and I am flying to Leeds Bradford


@Elliott Gate C03 is yours! Enjoy!


@Jakub_Astary thanks see you there


@Jakub_Astary just don’t forget to add me in πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


@Elliott You are added at gate C03.


@Jakub_Astary thanks


please can i have a gate


im want to go to sydney with a 777-300er


@Captain_Tank Gate C04 is yours!