[JOIN US! 36 ATTENDING] Huge Istanbul New Airport Flyout @ LTFM - 021800ZMAR19


@AviaAuthentic Ok, changed to Ankara!


@AviaAuthentic Yes, that is correct. 10:00 am PST.


Gate D10 and Destination Auckland NZ


@Branstar_247 Gate D10 is yours!


I would like to fly to San Francisco in a B 777 and I ask you to reserve Gate D19 for me

Thank you

It may be that I also fly to Sao Paolo or even Sydney but currently San Francisco is planned …


@Mustafa_Karakaya Gate D19 is yours! If you will change the destination, just reply there, I will change it.


Destination: DUBAI


I would like to fly the A321 to Beirut and please chose a gate for me! :D


Hey can I get a gate?


Hello! Can you choose a gate for me? I will be flying to Incheon Int’l in an A380.


@Khalil_Rammal Gate D01 is yours!


@JoeHaddad Gate D02 is yours!


@Infi Gate D04 is yours!


@LoL_SmAsH Gate D06 is yours!


Thanks,will see ya there


This event looks good


D17 SFO please


@Bo_Page_m8 Gate D17 is yours!


I unfortunately will no longer be able to make this event.


@757fan Ok, no problem! Maybe you can check my other event - [JOIN US! 29 ATTENDING] Scenic flight above the Alps! @ LOWW - 091600ZFEB19