[JOIN US! 36 ATTENDING] Huge Istanbul New Airport Flyout @ LTFM - 021800ZMAR19


Hello everyone,
lets make Istanbul New Airport great!

Istanbul New Airport was planned as the largest airport in the world with a 150 million annual passenger capacity in its last planned expansion stage, while remaining upgradable to handle 200 million annual passengers if required in the future. It is planned to become the main international airport serving Istanbul. Atatürk Airport will be closed down for scheduled passenger flights once the new airport is fully operational. Turkish Airlines is planning to start operating flights from Istanbul New Airport on 3th March 2019.
(source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Istanbul_Airport)

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/istanbul-new-airport-turkey/index.html

Istanbul New Airport

Server: Training

Airport: LTFM (Istanbul, Turkey)

Date: 2 MAR 2019 (Saturday)

Time: 1800Z

March 2, 2019 6:00 PM

Aircraft: any, Turkish airlines livery preferred

NOTAMS: Follow ATC instructions!
Please, spawn at the gate 15 minutes before the event starts, so we can take a group photo (screenshot). Upload best screenshots here to the comments.
Expect delays!
Have fun and enjoy the event!

Reccomended destination airports:
Turkey: Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, Trabzon
Europe: Thessaloniki, Vienna, London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona
Asia: Dubai, Baku, Delhi, Hong Kong
America: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro

To join, please choose your gate with your destination airport, and write to the comments (no callsign needed).

Gates (Attendants)

Gate B01: @Flybe - Antalya
Gate B02: @Jakub_Astary - Thessaloniki
Gate B03: @Matthew_20204 - Glasgow
Gate B04: @Aviation-21 - Rome FCO
Gate B05: @Moonlit - Athens
Gate B06: @Enrique_Fernandez - Rome FCO
Gate B07: @Fernando_Carbajal - Rome FCO
Gate B08: @ant6300 - Frankfurt
Gate B09: @Philippe_Gilbert - Thessaloniki
Gate B10: @savavalentin86 - Dubai
Gate B12: @khalid_Alkhayifi - Muscat
Gate B13: @Andres_Rodriguez1 - Dubai
Gate B14: @How23c07 - London Heathrow
Gate B15: @AviaAuthentic - Ankara
Gate B16: @Flying_Ryan - Casablanca
Gate B17: @AyrexCZ - Prague
Gate B18: @Jeronimo_Castro - Milan MXP

Gate C01: @Capt_G.S_kalra - Amsterdam
Gate C02: @Logan_Lee - Sydney
Gate C03: @Elliott - Leeds
Gate C04: @Captain_Tank - Auckland

Gate D01: @Khalil_Rammal - Dubai
Gate D02: @JoeHaddad - Beirut
Gate D03: @Lufthansa454 - Dubai
Gate D04: @Infi - Los Angeles
Gate D05: @Ayush_Mathur - Delhi
Gate D06: @LoL_SmAsH - Incheon
Gate D07: @Matei27 - Los Angeles
Gate D08: @Sashaz55 - Athens
Gate D09: @Roubsan - Amsterdam
Gate D10: @Branstar_247 - Auckland
Gate D11: @Frankfurt05 - Baku
Gate D12: @Aviation_Alex - Paris
Gate D13: @Swiftlings_17 - Barcelona
Gate D14:
Gate D15:
Gate D16:
Gate D17: @Bo_Page_m8 - San Francisco
Gate D19: @Mustafa_Karakaya - San Francisco
Gate D20: @Jeffery_Stephenson - Los Angeles

More gates will be added!


LTFM ground: @DL_FILM
LTFM tower: @InfiniteAviation06
LTFM departure: @Olliebollie999

Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing you!

Virtual Airlines fly all together
[Join US! 4 ATTENDING 26 GATES LEFT] Big traffic @ ENBR - 221600ZJUN19
[LANDED! 48 ATTENDED] Scenic flight above the Alps! @ LOWW - 091600ZFEB19

Happy to do Tower and Ground ATC. Someone else can take ground if they want though.


@Benjwri Please, choose only one frequency. So, tower?


Yeah Tower.


Hey, could I take a gate in the Austrian A321 to Vienna? (I doubt anyone else will rep Austria). If you really care I can take a Turkish 737.


@Jonesrox55 You can use Austrian A321, Gate B01 is yours!


I’ll take gate B03 with A Turkish 737-700 to Glasgow


@Matthew_20204 Gate 03 is yours!


Show me in a 777-300ER in D10 to London Heathrow :):)


@How23c07 Gate D10 is yours!


Thank you 😊


Can I get a gate to Rome please?


@Aviation-21 Gate B04 is yours!


Join us! Lets make Istanbul New Airport great!


Looks interesting!

I’ll have a gate please. Turkish 737 to Athens :)


@Moonlit Gate B05 is yours!


Join us!


Can I take B06 and @Fernando_Carbajal B07?


@Enrique_Fernandez @Fernando_Carbajal B06 and B07 are yours! Enjoy!


Thank you , cheers & see you soon