[JOIN US! 24 ATTENDING] Holiday Shuttle Event @ LEBL - 221600ZDEC18


See you there!


Also, I’m currently planning a mega world tour event series. Would you like to be my VIP partner for this series which will be done soon?


@Philippe_Gilbert I will send you a PM.


I’d like a 738, Ryanair 055!


Hello, please leave the [EVENT] part off of your title, as has been previously edited for you.
The fact that it is an event is established based on the category, and the nature of your thread.

Thank you :)


LEBL Ground+Tower and LEPA Approach if you don’t mind?


@Jonesrox55 Gate 102 is yours! Enjoy!


@rileymoyer Ok, sorry.


@AviationVirtual Ok, frequencies are yours! Looking forward!


@Jakub_Astary In addition to what Misha said, I’m getting messages from other community members (not mods/staff) that they’re getting this notification as well. Please don’t do this again. Folks will find it annoying. Thanks.


@DeerCrusher I am sorry.


Can I have gate 228?


Hello, I would like to have the door 230 of terminal 1 I will be with a A320 of vueling, thanks!


@esant_15 Gate 228 is yours! Enjoy!


@Othman_Asli Gate 230 is yours! Enjoy!


I’m back can I get gate 244 please


Vueling 1984 is my callsign!!


I would like a gate for A320


Vueling 6604 please, I will land into Barcelona from Cardiff.


@Infinite_flight_HD Gate 244 is yours! Enjoy!