[Join us! 22 Attending] Montreal Fly-out @ CYUL - 131500ZJUL19

Can I be moved to Gate 75? Like the real flight? Thanks.

Ok, then. I’ll change you

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I will take Gate 6 to Vancouver with a WestJet Encore Dash 8.

I’m not sure a Dash-8 can fly that distance. Do you want to fly with the 737-700 instead?

It can fly that distance with the Dash 8.

That’s from Montreal to Toronto. You said Vancouver

πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ, Yep, I need glasses. Toronto, I meant Toronto. WestJet Dash 8 to Toronto, please. πŸ˜‚

Hello. May I have gate 52 to Tokyo Narita please? My flight will be Air Canada 5 as a 787. Thx

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Can I take a gate to Atlanta please?
Delta A330-300

Air Canada 11 B789
Destination: ZSPD please
(any suitable HEAVY gate)

I’m sorry but the gate is already taken for your flight. Would you like to choose another destination?

Delta flies to Atlanta in a CRJ-900. Would you like to fly with that?

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Ok yes that is fine

I will add you when I have time

Ok that is fine

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Yes, I will add you

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Thank you :)

@Niccckk, @Elliott and @United_1154, I have added you all. See you there!


@lew1s_h02 I have added you. See you there!

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Can I have a Fedex MD to CYYZ