[Join us! 22 Attending] Montreal Fly-out @ CYUL - 131500ZJUL19

Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport Fly-Out


Event Details

Server: Expert
Airport: CYUL
Time and date: 2019-07-13T15:00:00Z


– Departing runway 24L or 06R (Depending on wind conditions)

– As there will be probably be no ATC, we ask you to act in professional manner and to use Unicom wisely

– Have fun!

Hello and welcome to first ever event here in Infinite Flight. It is an honour to be a host of my first ever event at my home airport CYUL. I also want to thank @Jakub_Astary, @Chris_S and @Thomas_G who have helped me get started with the event. CYUL is a medium sized airport compared to other’s like Chicago, Paris CDG, London Heathrow or Dubai. CYUL is a main hub for Air Transat, Air Canada, Westjet, First Air, Air Inuit and Air Creebec although there are other international airlines that fly there. So let’s all fly from Montreal and discover the beautiful country of Canada!

Comercial Gate Assignments

In order to maintain realism, the assigned gates will depend on the destination. This means that your assigned gate will be the one from which the REAL flight to your destination leaves from.

Here are the event gates

Gate 01:
Gate 02: @TheFlyingGuy1 [Air Canada Jazz Bombardier Dash-8 to Toronto City Billy Bishop]
Gate 03: @Matthew_20204 [Air Canada Jazz Bombardier Dash-8 to Québec City]
Gate 04: @anon11948201 [Westjet Boeing 737-700 to Vancouver]
Gate 05:
Gate 06:
Gate 07: @Aviation-21 [Porter Dash-8 to Toronto City Billy Bishop]
Gate 08: @Niccckk [WestJet Encore Dash-8 to Toronto Pearson]
Gate 09:
Gate 10:
Gate 11:
Gate 12:
Gate 15:
Gate 17:
Gate 19:
Gate 21:
Gate 23:
Gate 25:
Gate 27:
Gate 28:
Gate 30:
Gate 32:
Gate 34:
Gate 47:
Gate 48:
Gate 49:
Gate 50:
Gate 51: @lew1s_h02 [Air Canada Boeing 787-9 to Shanghai]
Gate 52: @United_1154 [Air Canada Boeing 787-9 to Tokyo Narita]
Gate 55: @Blue_Diamond196 [Air France Boeing 777-200ER to Paris CDG]
Gate 56:
Gate 57:
Gate 58: @AarkonTV [Air Canada Embraer 175 to Chicago O’Hare]
Gate 59: @CPTWilliam [Swiss Airbus Airbus A330-300 to Zurich]
Gate 60:
Gate 61: @ant6300 [British Airways Boeing 787-9 to London Heathrow]
Gate 62:
Gate 63: @Infinite2674 [Air Canada Boeing 777-300ER to Paris CDG]
Gate 64: @Roubsan [Air Canada Airbus A330-300 to Rome Fiumicino]
Gate 65:
Gate 66: @Philippe_Gilbert [Air Canada Airbus A330-300 to London Heathrow]
Gate 67: @Altaria55 [Air Canada Airbus A330-300 to Lyon Saint-Exupery]
Gate 68: @Jakub_Astary [Air Canada Airbus A330-300 to London Heathrow]
Gate 72:
Gate 73:
Gate 74:
Gate 75: @GlobalFlyer1 [Air Canada A319 to San Francisco]
Gate 76: @JeromeJ [Air Canada Express CRJ-200 to Washington Ronald Reagan]
Gate 77:
Gate 78:
Gate 79:
Gate 80:
Gate 81:
Gate 82:
Gate 83:
Gate 84:
Gate 85: @Captain_Awerty [Air Canada Embraer 175 to Dallas Fort Worth International]
Gate 86: @Feurum [Delta CRJ-900 to Atlanta]
Gate 87: @Elliott [Delta CRJ-900 to Atlanta]
Gate 88: @Doonies [Delta CRJ-900 to Atlanta]
Gate 89:
Remote Stand W01:
Remote Stand W02:
Remote Stand W03:
Remote Stand W04:
Remote Stand W05:

How to join

Firstly, you must choose a flight which is flown in real life. Once you have told me where you wish to fly, I will look up the flight on my flight tracker and assign you a gate. However, if that gate from which your flight leaves from is already taken, you will have to choose another destination.

Other important information

  • During the event, your display name must be your IFC username.
  • Zero Tolerance for trolling. Trollers will be reported to moderators.
  • Me and @Jakub_Astary will be the first ones to pushback, taxi and takeoff. It is imperative that everyone gives us priority.

How well would rate my first event? Are there things that I should improve on? Feel free to drop a comment below.

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More information about CYUL:

Here you can find the airlines and destination list:


Hello Mate! Sign up please, I will do CYUL to LFPG!

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Gate 76 in an Air Canada CRJ-900 to KDCA plz

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I will decide on the gate

Will you fly with Air France or Air Canada?

I’d like gate C75 to San Francisco! I’ll fly with the Air Canada A319 since we don’t have the A320. Thanks!

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But Air Canada always uses gate 76 to fly to DCA from YUL on their CRJ-900

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@baseball_inferno I added you. See you there!

@GlobalFlyer1, as I want to maintain realism, i’m unable to add you as it would be unrealistic to fly a route with the wrong aircraft. Is there another place that you would like to fly to?

Air France

Dude. That is a real flight. https://flightaware.com/live/flight/ACA781/history/20190429/2130Z/CYUL/KSFO

I know that this is a real flight. However, we don’t have Air Canada A320 in IF. As I said above, I want to maintain realism. He can however choose another destination.

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It’s just a matter of a few meters and more passengers


He can fly whatever aircraft and route he wants. If he wants to substitute due to a missing livery, he can do that. I would like to change my destination to KADW and my aircraft to VC-25.

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Would you like to fly Air France in the Boeing 777-200ER or the Boeing 777-300ER?

Air France 777-200ER.

Ok then, i’ll add you

cough cough

Yes, I changed your gate


@AirFrance005 and @GlobalFlyer1 I have added you. See you there!