Join today-Norwegian VA [Pilots and Staff Applications Open]

Hi there, I would love to introduce myself today to IFC. My name is Jack and I’m the Recruitment Manager here at Norwegian VA. We are currently developing the VA by hopefully getting it IFVARB approved. Therefore, we need some kind help. We have a few open staff opportunities and plenty of pilot roles to dish around.

Our small, yet robust fleet, take part in around 3/4 of the globe delivering passengers and cargo to their destination. We travel to places for city breaks, ski and snowing adventures, sun and sea. A few of our destinations in America are Miami, Orlando, South America, Denver etc… Don’t worry, because this is not our limit. Norwegian VA operate both short haul and long haul depending on your preference. This is an amazing opportunity for us. If you are kind hearted and have a passion for Aviation we would love to see you with us.

*We operate on Slack *

If you have any questions or application requests please message me and we will check you out and send you some forms to complete.

Blue skies and happy landings,

Jack Brasier-Creagh
Recruitment Manager@ Norwegian VA


Attention to mods,
I am new to this posting. If this is not in correct format, please tell me and then I will edit it.


Ok great, please PM me for further information :)

You can’t post in #live:va if you’re not IFVARB approved, please post your staff request here.

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Do you mind if I flag the post?

Yes. Go ahead. Very sorry for not checking on guidelines. I’m not very familiar with the whole thing.

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No problem, we’ll be happy to see your staff request in there. :)

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Hi everyone! I am Ben the Founder of IF Norwegian VA. We have been active for nearly 2 weeks now and we are edging towards getting ourselfs approved.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could have a look at possible staff or pilot roles as we need help for the final stages.

All the best-BH