Join the challenge & check your drawing skills

Hey, community!
I has been a long time since my last post. But I am here again!
Today I would like to invite you all to this fun and creative challenge!

All you need is just to draw a view from a plane window. You can use absolutely any programs and resources. There are no restrictions about it. You are free to use any reference, whatever it is a real life photo or Infinite Flight Screenshot.

Let’s go!
Here is mine 😂:

Software used: Sketches (IOS app)

I wish good luck to all people who are going to share their work with us!


For one, I’ll actually say it’s not bad😂


Could I do a drawing on paper?

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Sure! I guess It will be even easier to draw it on paper, than on the tablet 😉

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You forgot the tiny hole that goes in the window… what blasphemy!

Seriously though, great drawing. I love the amount of detail put into it.

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My finger hurt now 😂 I don’t have a special pencil for my Ipad. I hate it, when you can’t see what you’re drawing because of your own finger 🤷‍♂️😭

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Just having some fun while drawing different weather conditions…


I think this is a very nice idea. Before I try drawing, does the window/inside of the cabin need to be included?

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Made with Paint 3D (Windows) and a mouse 🤣

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Those clouds are cool! 👍

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