Join my james tube aviation group flight!

join the james tube aviation december group flight ✈️

boeing 737,757,and airbus A320 in the american airlines livery

KSFO-KDFW san francisco to dallas

we will depart at 1100 zulu on dec 30th

we will be in grade 1

we will have these every other month so see you in other videos!

Hello There:

Unfortunately, this is Really unformatted.

Check this out for a better GroupFlight:

Thanks mate :)
Merry Christmas

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Is there a specific time or date of these flights?


Also, if the group flight is at 2020-12-24T19:00:00Z, this #live:groupflights topic is out of the 3-hour rule that ALL group flights are supposed to be in. Since the flight is on the casual server, there will be lots of trolls trying to intercept you and you probably wont have a good video (unless you make it like Swiss001).

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See linked “about” topic above. Thanks!