Join my flight

Hey join my live flight from SLC to BOI Alaska 737-800/900 Traning server. YOUR INVITED!!!

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Hello! Welcome to the IFC!

This sounds like a lovely flight. Be sure to post it in the #live:groupflights category. Please adhere to the rules associated with it as well. I have linked them below for your convenience.

Have fun!


Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community, @Californian_Aviator3!

This is unfortunately the wrong place to post. Please utilize the #live:groupflights category.

Hello and welcome to the community!

As stated above, the category in which we would post flights that we would like to invite others to participate in is the #live:groupflights.

For this category, the topic would need to be made within 3 hours of your departure time. Iā€™d recommend posting the topic at least an hour prior so that the possibility of increasing attendance is higher.

For your title you would need to follow this format: DDMONYY / HHMMZ - Title @ ICAO to ICAO. For this flight your title would be 19MAY21 / 2100Z - GroupFlight @ KSLC - KBOI.

I welcome you to create another topic following these guidelines. Be sure to check out the topic linked above for more information.


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