Join My Flight

Hello All!

First let me say, I’ve seen a few other topics similar, maybe not exactly the same as this, but also over 4 years old with zero votes, so I’m starting this fresh and more specific.

How many other games or apps have you all used, where you could share either the app, or more specifically invite people to play with or against!? I think it’s long over due in IF!

I think we would all really enjoy having a way to invite people to join our “lobby” (aka flight). This feature could be as simple as whilst picking an airport and gate, there could be an option to send via text, email, etc., a notification to anyone. This notification if clicked on, would then open up the app, and preload the same airport and maybe a different gate.
Further options could include copying the flight plan as well, or even once loaded at a gate inviting someone to load in with you.

Please let me know your thoughts and if available, leave a vote! If you don’t have a vote leave a comment, I know there is to much to vote for out there😜

I do agree that this is an interesting topic, but we can all do this ourselves within a matter of seconds. There are a plethora of ways to “join a flight” with someone, and many platforms (i.e. Slack, Discord, #live:groupflights, etc.) to do it on.

You can already do that in-game by clicking on another person’s profile in the map ;)

Though, I have to say, the push notification idea is pretty neat.

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