Join me!

Anyone want to do a flight for my last FNF? I’m available now.

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Why is it your last is your subscription ending ?

Subscription ending


I would but mine ended yesterday as well sorry

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You guys need to come up with $5.00.

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I do lol but it’s unesecary when I have school and would only be using it 5 times the whole month

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That’s $1 per session. I’m not advocating the profit side, I’m encouraging the you continuing to fly on live side. Is it really not worth it to you?

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@CptNathanHope @anon93676386 you want to do another one?

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I live live I would play it every single day of my life if I could. First i have to ask my parents if I can use there credit card to buy . And what’s the point if I only play a certain amount

I can hey what region and thing i got goshed today from expert so

@Bluepanda900 so tell me the details

Will be available in about an hour. TS1.

great looking foward

Ah I’m sorry. I frequently forget the age range on the forum. Asking for a credit card could prove tricky. I hope it works out for you somehow. Maybe save up some cash and buy an iTunes or Google prepaid card at the store?

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I would but I’m trying to get some more airports done. :)


S ok, maybe @@anon93676386 will still be available.

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I’ll be there, I was taking a shower

Where are we flying and server?

yo we still flying right? @Bluepanda900

Yep, ready now. TS1. Canberra. Spawn at gate 02. Copy my flight plan. Cruise at FL200 at 300knts airspeed. If @@anon93676386 wants to join he can spawn at gate 06. 😀

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