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If it’s realism you want you’ve come to the right place. Community members spotted and featured weekly in the brand new planespotting videos uploaded direct to my YouTube channel now gives the chance for all community members to be spotted and featured on the channel to show the big boys how it’s done. Come for an afternoon of flying props down to the airbus a321 push and starts we have it all here and the hours of editing and work to make this channel as real as possible why would you not want to be featured so the world can see you? Feel free to message me for details or I’ll post daily where I’ll be next in the server so REMEMBER if you see me departing or arriving at YOUR airport you may just be being recorded 👊🏻 Subscribe like & comment and dm for featured airports I hope everyone can come onboard 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

In my opinion this is self advertising which is against the TOS and not allowed here on the forum.


Partly but it’s not a sole advertisement it’s to include the community but whichever I don’t mind if they want to remove it they can ☺️

He’s not advertising software or merch or anything commercial.

He is sharing multiples videos in one link, I think that’s still accepted.

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But it’s still self advertising as he is promoting something that being his whole channel.

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You know what I mean bro I’m not advertising to make money or what not and I don’t see anyone giving back to community I want people to be recognised for there talent and to be seen not just heard why not do something great for everyone I’m calling out to people to be seen by everyone. If I wanted to advertise my channel trust me it would of been done more then this post. Dm me bro your more then welcome to be featured 👊🏻


Go say that to everyone posting videos and photos in #screenshots-and-videos


Case closed 👊🏻

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Oof, I’m getting an aggressive vibe here.


Anyway @Captain_Infinite I thought you quit IF?

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Dutchy what’s going on 😁 I thought it would be a good love but I can only fly you on my own and take so much of the airbus and 747 with 3 liveries that I had to come back so we flying today yeah 👊🏻👍🏻😁