Join me on The road to the first ever Ultra Long Haul

About : My first ever ultra long haul flight from New York to Reunion

Server: Training

Airport: John F. Kennedy Int’l (JFK/KJFK) - Réunion Roland Garros (RUN/FMEE)

Time: 10:00PM Zulu


Additional information: I pray my game doesn’t crash during this flight
FPL: Copy Mine
Fuel: If you need to stop at an airport to refill, that’s perfectly fine

Terminal 4

PM me to reserve your gates

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Supposed to be a #screenshots-and-videos topic?

Nope this is an upcoming event

I’d make it more clear then. It now looks like a tracking thread for your flight rather than an event.

Include something like “join me on this flight” or somewhere in that direction, cz for now there are no instructions with the intention of the event, it’s flightplan and further details.

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Hey dude, I would recommend you put this on screenshots and videos

It’s an upcoming event

I will take Frontier A320 to Boston

Noted. Make sure you use a gate that’s suitable for your aircraft (Don’t use a wide body aircraft gate)

Ok (101010)

What are we supposed to do here? Do we sign up for whatever we want? I’m really confused

Im doing an ultra long haul flight next weekend (I’ll change the date) and im giving people gates from terminal 4 and they depart from JFK and they arrive at Reunion(If the aircraft can travel that long).

What airport is that?

Look at the top

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Ohh ok, got it

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Keep the charger 🔌 near by

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Can I take hardstand 86
FrenchBee A350-900
Callsign: French Bee 31 super
To reunion

Flight is already about to end but you can still do the route.

Ah I don’t know the flight was yesterday

Its ok Im already planning another next 2 weeks from now

I will do ATC for you now