Join me on a flight?


I was wondering if any pilots out there would like to join me on a flight in a few hours from RCTP - KLAX? It would be China Airlines and the flight should last around 10-11 hrs.

If anyone is interested, please let me know!


Hallo there!

Looks like a great group flight idea. Trans-oceanic flights are fun if you like staring at blue all day lol.

However please make sure to follow the category guidelines when it comes to posting in this category.

Please make sure your title is in the correct format:


So you must include a date and time otherwise people have no idea when the group flight actually is :)

Also the group flight must be within 3 hours of posting here on the IFC.

Take a look at this topic below for more information:

Have a great day! :)

thank you!

You are most welcome!

Any other questions - feel free to drop me a PM, my inbox is always open!

Cya ‘round!

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I will come, what time?

Very kind! Thank you so much!


About an hour

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An hour or so

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Ok. How long is the flight

10 hours or so. It all depends on the wind

Ok see you there

Do you want to talk on discord or something to make it easier?

No its fine

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Alright, I’ll let you know when I spawn

Ok see you there! What aircraft, airline and details

Any aircraft you want that has the range to get to LAX, I’m doing China Airlines 77W

We should match! Same!

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Great! Also, I’ll make the FP

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Ok. Expert or training?

Expert server