• Aircraft and Livery: We reccomend using an A320 or A319, Or any other aircraft

  • Route: KDEN-KPSP

  • Time of Departure: 3:30pm @ January 27th

  • Server: Training Server. G2+

  • Additional Information:
    KPSP was a very popular airport back in the days before global. Come and join me so we can revive KPSP once again to be a popular airport for that day. If you want to be ATC. PM me!

Hi there, could you please format your event title right? Make sure you follow all the guidelines on this thread:

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Also, please only make group flight posts a few hours before the actual flight, other wise, it’s considered an event.

@Memes, I flagged this for moderation as you are not complying with with any of the guidelines. Please follow the guidelines in my first post. Thank you.

Well, you must host this flight within a few hours, not two days from now.

OP flagged for closure.