Join me from LFPG to KJFK on TS1!

I’ll be flying from LFPG to KJFK in 20 minutes! I was just wondering if anyone wanted to join me! If someone can do ATC at LFPG on TS1 please inform me!

This doesn’t belong in the events category because this is not an fully organized group Flight.

I might be able to provide local services at LFPG for you!

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Thank you sir! Are you ground and tower or departure?

Local services, so ground and tower. ;)

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Ok thanks! My Callsign will be Air France 6 Heavy and I’ll be in the skyteam AF B77W

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Sounds good, I’ll try to open up in 15mins or so.

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I’m at Gate K26 at LFPG on TS1, spawn next to me!

Really? When I tell you to expect a runway, don’t pushback in the opposite direction then request a totally different one. I had you going to 27L for a reason.

Sorry my iPad was lagging so I have to restart

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