Join Me For Friday Night Flight Frankfurt To Dubai

I am going to participate today in the Friday night event. I fly from Frankfurt to Dubai with a B777(EMIRATES). is there someone who wants to join?
I Will begin whit taxing at 12:40 London time
(Expert Server)


12:40…what…PST? IST? AST? GMT? Gotta give a bit more info so we can try to tag along…
Anyways, I can’t fly that day, so have fun! 😉


London time for me iT is NL 13:40

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I think I can join u.
Am here in Europe too.
What server?

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(Global)Expert server👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

u departure already?

whats the flight time?

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No over 20 min than I go depature

I think 6 hours or 5,5 hours

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I am now going to fly

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