Join me! A380 Farewell flight!

Hello everyone,

I will make a farewell flight for the fabulous A380 in our favorite simulator, today .It will take place from LHR to SIN, with Qantas A380. Flight number, is the real one: QF2. Takeoff time is estimated at 21h30 , German time. , 20h30 England time, 15h30 NY time and 11h30 L.A time. You’re free to join!

Gates: 307,305 or 303 T3 LHR
FP: copy mine in game
My gate: 301.

This isn’t the best place to put this, you should put this on the Group Flights page on the IF Discord.

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Problem, i don’t have Discord

Will definitly consider joining you!

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Is it on the Expert Server?

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Yeah it is, i will specify it! Thank you very much sir lol, don’t know if my device is going to support that 13h

Ok, thanks for the reply. Looking forward to seeing you in-game!

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Lol i will just take off then fly 1h and sleep, cause it’s nightime at y location . You’re welcome with pleasure

Me too, pretty good Take-Off time for a nightflight for me in germany.

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One last thing, cruise speed will be M.0.85 , FL : 330 , then around 1h30 after takeoff if still awake FL350 , then when waking up FL370

im there besides you on the left

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I see sir, you can now copy my FPL ! Takeoff in 5-10min little delay

FPL copied. Ready for pushback.

Ok let’s go just let me disconnect my ground service

You should get it, as it’s free. This should also be in the Events category I believe since it’s an event.

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