JOIN IN - EDDK Flyout @ EDDK - 051430ZAPR19

Server: Training

Airport: EDDK

Time: 1430z

NOTAM: Departing runways 14L and 06 at EDDK.

This is my first event, please let me know below in the comments if the thread is good!
Follow ATC instructions!
Me (@Flips_Fisch) will pushback first.
I will be in a Eurowings A319. My display name is Flips.

To join, please request a gate and say your name.

When you fly a commercial aircraft please request a commercial gate.

When you fly a cargo aircraft please request a cargo gate.

See you around,


I’ll take cargo gate 98 my display name will be Lufthansa 782

To where? Anyway, I’ll sign you up!

I think i’ll go to London Heathrow EGLL

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@Singapore_Flyer When will you join?

I am departing now…

I AM SO SORRY! I forgot all about the event and forgot to attend! Sorry again, Singapore_Flyer

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