Join Fellow Users for Flights! (Flash “Group Flight” Announcement Page)

Flash “Group Flight” Announcement Page

Hello everyone, I have had this idea for quite a while now. Have you ever felt lonely in Infinite Flight and would rather have another person join you for your flight? Well, you're in luck! This page was specifically made for you to post an upcoming flight, but, unlike the Flight Tracking Thread, on this page, you will be asking for people to join, to sort of create a flash "group flight". This will also be different from events as these flights will be more 'exclusive' with less pilots and will start pretty much immediately after you post the flight.

Announcement Format

Callsign/Flight Number:
Route (optional):
Departure Time (and date?) (ZULU):
Predicted Duration:

Have fun!

I am aware that there is a group flight category and that this thread is not in it as it is clearly marked that threads in the group flight category must stick to a certain specific format.

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You know that from my understanding, this is just #live:groupflights, so what’s the point?

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well, it isn’t really a group flight, as you can see in the title: “Group Flight”

But group flights can happen any time under 3 hours, so…?

It’s not planned like group flights. It’s more of a flash flight.

I like the idea, but as Latvia said, it‘s very much similar to #live:groupflights. They don’t need to be planned as well, as they can start like almost immediately. Is this topic in its form moderator approved? If not, let’s see what they decide 😊

On a side note: Well structured and organized topic, looks good with the picture.


You and Latvia make great points, and I agree that it is similar, I guess I just got excited about an idea that already existed in another format.

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