John Wayne Flyout! (Sign up now!) @KSNA - 301500ZJUN19

Can I at least have tower

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Yes, you can have at least have one or two, depends

Ok thank you

Let me know if I can’t so I can reserve a gate in time cuz if I can’t then I will fly

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Okay, no problem

Just saying that there is a John Wayne Flyout 2 weeks before yours people might want a new airport to have a event at just saying also as @JacksonAviation said be patient.
(Delayed, 20 Attending!) I’m going to Disneyland! - @ KSNA - 161900ZJUN19

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Sure! I’ll take a United 737-900 to San Francisco.

No problem!

@Sashaz55, I understand, I just want to do a SNA Flyout, I know about that one.

Also, that’s a Fly-in, this is a Fly-out.

I’ll do a Southwest B737 to KDAL. Gate 17 please.

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ill get you down!

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I think I’ll take Gate 18 with a 757 to San Francisco. This is my home airport so I really want to attend!

Which is the shortest route you can give me?
Cuz’ I want to take part in this event

Are we going to simulate noise abatement procedures, as that is widely done at John Wayne airport?

So maybe not.

I would imagine that would be at the discretion of the pilot, however it would definitely increase the realism!

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Can i fly to Sacromento on a SW 737 700

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I’ll take a gate with a WestJet B737 to CYVR.

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@Planeboi19, yes you may!
@Altaria55, yes, you may!