John Wayne Flyout! (Sign up now!) @KSNA - 301500ZJUN19

John Wayne Flyout!


Server: Training

Airport: KSNA

Time: 1500Z or 2019-06-30T15:00:00Z

NOTAM: *first things first, you will only be signed up one he weekend, you might be allowed to change destinations and aircraft, depending on realism. No patterns please, and no spam in the comments, use Unicom wisely, and enjoy your flight! (Runways announced day of)

Airport Map


Terminal A

American, Delta, WestJet
Gate 1: Westjet B737 to CYVR @Altaria55
Gate 2:
Gate 3:
Gate 4:
Gate 5:
Gate 6:
Gate 7:
Gate 8:

Terminal B

Alaska, United

Gate 9:
Gate 10:
Gate 11:
Gate 12: United B739 to KSFO @Gtmkm98
Gate 13: Alaska B739 to KPDX @OrcaKid
Gate 14:

Terminal C

Frontier, Southwest

Gate 15:
Gate 16: Southwest B737 to KOAK @anon45500775
Gate 17: Southwest B737 to KDAL @texasaviation
Gate 18: Southwest B737 to KSMF @Planeboi19
Gate 19:
Gate 20:
Gate 21:

If you would like a GA gate, you may take it, you do not have to sign up. But tell me that you are coming first.


None yet

Image credits:
All from Wikipedia.

Inspiration: @Balloonchaser
Making: @OrcaKid

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Would any VAs/ VOs like to sponsor?

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0 voters

Let’s see if I can join…

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Gimme gate to Oakland southwest 737-800

SWA doesn’t fly the 738 to OAK… well I did ASA B739 to PDX which isn’t real, so I guess so.

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That’s a B737 not 8. But again i have a un-realistic one too.

Oh. Then change the plane to a 737-700 please

Okay. If you want me too.

Anyone else?

Really!?! No one? Come on!

JK, it’s fine

@alaskavirtualairline, do you want to sponsor?

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We do not sponsor Training Server events.
Harry He
Events Manager of ASVA


Maybe don’t wait 10 minutes and say: really, nobody? It’s not like everyone is going to come in pouring with requests to join. Some people may be busy


Hi can I be ground and tower atc please

I’ll see who else wants that, only because there’s VERY limited spots of ATC.

But surely it’s a first come first serve

Can I at least have one

Could be, could not be. But here it may not be.