John Travolta's New Airbus A318 delivery

Finally today was the delivery of the John Travolta’s new Airbus A318. Coming out of the maintenance parking of COOPESA with it new paint sheme and completely ACJ converted. The first stop was in Ocala Intl Airport (KOCF) to carry out customs and other formalities, after that I departed to Jumbolair private airport in total VFR conditions and park the plane in John Travolta’s House. If you didn’t follow my others post about the conversion of this A318 please click on this links:

Pre-conversion A318 Ex Frontier Airlines departing from Tucson Arizona to it conversion in COOPESA facilities in Costa Rica.

Test Flight and its conversion process on Costa Rica territory.

Departing from Costa Rica, views of the capital of the country and its surroundings, down we can see Poás Volcano National Park.

Arriving to Jumbolair Private Airport and House of John Travolta.

Live Flight Track
Flight time 2:50 hrs aproximately
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But this isn’t his own airport right (17FL)? That would be way too crazy…

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If you can afford a plane then you can probably own a smallish private airfield for it. But maybe not.

Yeah if that plane is around 50 million, paving a 6000 foot long strip on your property wouldn’t cost nearly as much.

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I didnt talk about price. I meant it would be way too cool to have your own plane AND airport


John Travolta’s House in real life!


Woaahhhhhhh avgeek’s dream

Fun fact, in that photo, that Gulfstream 5 is actually now parked here at Embry-Riddle. He donated that plane to us a few years back.
Also, I was controlling Jacksonville center and saw you on your way to Ocala and thought that was pretty neat, I hope you had a good flight (:

Oh my god 😂