John F. Kennedy To Amsterdam

Hello IFC

Just did a flight from JFK to EHAM with a KLM 789 and thought I would share some screenshots!
Boeing 787-9
Flight time: 6:15

Lifting off at JFK with the early morning haze

Roaring out of JFK, inbound to Amsterdam

Last bit of land before we go over the Atlantic

Over the Atlantic Ocean

Back over land on the other side of the Atlantic

Passing a Delta A350 while descending into EHAM

A Avianca A320 exiting the runway quickly right before I land

Landing in 42 knot crosswind!

Last but not least, while taxiing, a KLM MD11 passing over my tail

Hope you enjoyed!


Someone using free cam instead of generic angles!

And really cool photos, it’s always fun with a lot of traffic around


Thank you! Glad you liked them!

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Pic 1 and 9 though!

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Just kidding, great pics😄


Thank you!

It looks like it, but when I checked in the replay it wasn’t😅😂

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Avianca a320 in Amsterdam? Lol but these pics are amazing!

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Yes, I know😐😐

Thanks anyways!

Beautiful, especially with the editing and blurring (pic 1 & 9) .

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The photo with the delta A359 looked extremely close!
Glad you’re fine though :D

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@Mr-plane-guy1- Thank you!

@Robertine- It was pretty close. I was at FL34 and the A350 was at FL32 so we just barely made it with the proper spacing!


Some great pictures (especially the DL A350 one), and a really nice and artistic picture at the end of your post!

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Thank you!

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