John Deere Cessna 750 Citation X

For those who are familiar and may not be familiar, John Deere is an American company that manufactures farm/agricultural equipment. They manufacture other types of equipment but these are examples are some of their best known items. You can easily recognize a John Deere piece of equipment simply from two colors: Green & Yellow. I have always found that the colors choices are fascinating, but I shouldn’t be surprised. There aren’t too many unique liveries currently on Infinite Flight for the CCX, but this one would change the “game”. If you haven’t already noticed, may I just point out the rims. 😁 Overall, it would be nice to see some real world liveries on the CCX similar to the other airliners that we currently have.

Photo credits go to Russell Hill.

More information on John Deere can be found here.

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I took a tower tour at SJC a few weeks ago and one of the controllers was telling me a story when she controlled N300JD. When it landed she asked if the plane belonged to John Deere because she saw the JD in the N# and she knew green was Deere’s signature color. Sure enough the pilot said it was and invited the controller to come down to the plane after her shift to get some free JD merch. Apparently they ended up going into the tower and gave all the controllers free hats.

Just a funny story I heard about this particular plane.

Also go check out Russel Hill’s Instagram page. He’s got some great photos on there.


Voted ✅ May I also add that in the next update their should be a place where you can spawn at MLI where John Deere’s current hanger is thanks to @dush19 and the airport editors. Also if this was added it would be cool to have the callsign come with it.

The hanger is just west of the terminal on the north side of runway 9/27. (Circled in blue)

The hanger from the road.

The terminal at MLI and John Deere sign from the road.

Thanks for the request @DeerCrusher!


Looks nice, although it’s a bit weird for me to see a cessna citation x without winglets.


I agree. It does look a bit weird without winglets. That specific aircraft was built in 2015, so the winglets were an option. Probably just another expense to tack on to an already expensive aircraft.

@Jay_Dykstra It appears that it’s already added as a spawn. This was taken from LiveFlight.


Yeah, it says it in live flight because I believe live flight uses the airport editor diagram for all of its airport diagrams. It’s been done for quite a few months though, however, it won’t actually be in Infinite Flight till the next update which will hopefully be soon.


Nice looking aircraft!! 😍👌🏻

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Little topic bump, I am out of votes, but I support this :D

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