Johannesburg-Sunset in the Mother City

Hello IFC! I’m back again with some more photos. With South Africa being featured, I wanted to fly to Cape Town, but I wasn’t sure where to fly from. Thankfully my good friend @NoahM suggested I fly from Johannesburg for 2 reasons. The first reason was that the sun was setting which makes for awesome photos, and the second reason is that Singapore Airlines flies their A350 on this route, which I didn’t actually didn’t know. Cape Town was extremely busy today and I just want to say big props to @Trio and @Prashant_Divedi for handling approach so well, and @Will_A for doing an amazing job controlling tower. But now onto the pictures, hope y’all enjoy!

Flight Details

Airline/Aircraft: Singapore Airlines A350
Flight time: 2hrs 47mins
Server: Expert

Waiting for takeoff in the long line at FAOR

After a long wait we finally depart for Cape Town!

As I was cruising along, my friend @AviatorGamerYT who was flying the same route, decided to stop by and fly right next to me!

Beginning our long but beautiful approach and descent Cape Town

On final for runway 19

Comin in to land as I’m judged by several aircraft

After a rough landing we make it safely to Cape Town!


Nice photos!

That A330 in the first photo is me in the background!

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Nice shots! I really haven’t flown in Africa in IF. Probably should.😀


Nice Photos, keep up the good work. <3

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Lol I was up at 2 in the morning when I saw that too on Flightradar24 and wanted to do the flight it was awesome flying formation with u 😉

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Yea man SA is amazing right along the coast with the mountain it’s amazing


Oh nice. Thanks!

Thanks! You should definitely fly around Africa for sure. It’s beautiful and there’s lots of fun routes.

Thanks, I appreciate it :)

Yea man it was fun!


I was the Turkish A350 in front of you while on approach, until my game crashed…

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really love the angles and orange glos! Great job!

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Nice photos very nice with the traffic on the ground

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i think you meant johannesburg

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Two players spawned at the same gate in the second photo lol. Great shot anyways!

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That sucks man :/

Thank you!

Thanks a lot :)

No I meant Cape Town as I was departing Johannesburg for Cape Town

I saw that haha, thanks!

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@Speedyyy Nice Shoot . i will need to upload some of mine too

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Thanks :)

@speedyyy5 Amazing shows the beauty of the magnificent A350!!!

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Thank you! The A350 is truly one of a kind!

Such a cool and interesting route!