Johannesburg (FAOR) - Cape Town (FACT)

A beautiful and incredible approach to Cape Town. I am coming from Johannesburg.πŸ˜†
Mango Airlines
Boeing 737-800
Flight Date: 07/26/2020
Flight Time: 02:02
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Wow, awesome picture!

South Africa is one of the most underrated underrated regions in my opinion, it offers some beautiful domestic flights.

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Yes, Africa is very underestimated because of its past. But there are amazing places there, just explore themπŸ˜†πŸ˜

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Indeed! It’s a shame because I often fly all over Africa but rarely see people :(

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Truth. It is a very forgotten country. Not only in the simulator, but in real life, from hunger, thirst, misery😒

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Somehow, I really like crossing Johannesburg honestly they rarely crossed here