Come and join me at VHHH ON TRAINING SERVER

Umm TS2? We’ve gone back to the old times?! 😱


??? I’m not IFATC YET I can only only on the train server…

I know. There is no TS2 server. It was removed a long time ago

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Good Morning Hong Kong

Hey, dropped in just now (DLVA5726) and got to say you did a great job with the callouts and all but I do have a few pointers. I think it’s important for you to be aware of the terrain. For example when I got off runway 25L you asked me to enter left downwind almost immediately. Because I didn’t want to disrupt your ops I did as told but I had to pull a hard turn as a shallow turn would have made me crash into the mountain. Also personally I thought there were too many callouts for turning base and downwinds, although it is great practice it is the pilots job to let you know his position and with an almost empty airport the pilot has a lot of navigational freedom to operate. Regardless you did a fantastic job, same can’t be said for my flying today, I almost stalled out over the mountain hahaha

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Thankyou for you input just now I must firstly Apologies for the callout rate, 3 aircraft prior forced this error and made me very aware of each and every aircraft to follow instruction

Also I am sorry my navi account wouldn’t let me sign in now for 3 weeks I do apologies if you can help me find another provider for airport referencing I’d be very grateful. My actual flight account doesn’t allow for simulation being a company app

I’m a pilot of a great many years as my bio touches on . I admit I need training but once my ghosting wait is over I will be sharpend to the highest of standards and able to control the expert server where rogue aircraft are under punishable circumstances

The percentage of aircraft that followed instruction correctly was sadly outweighed by those that did not this has a direct impact on the services I’m able to provide making what should be pleasurable and 5/10 sessions are that still. remarkably after a session like today I’ve expressed views about this to the IFC and the developers in unread emails for months
IFC close it immediately and it will never happen well that where I think there making a mistake but it’s there ball not mine

Hopefully in time things will improve for those of us craving to control in the correct environment. despite awaiting induction to the IFATC I still need to practice to keep sharp for when that day finally arrives from my point of view and yes some who know thoroughly my background will argue with me because of my background however from birth each and every human being is trained to follow instruction by the time an interest in flying should take place( I was 5 ) following instructions is already being drilled into each of us through school life home life so why is it when using a real world simulation users develop this unbearable disregard for authority (air traffic controller)

This isn’t a rant before some one chirpy jumps on it it’s my opinion on an ever growing issue

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As an ATC operator on the training server there are bound to be problems with pilots not following instructions, but you were doing fine as far as I can tell so just keep doing what you’re doing. As for navigation reference, I am not entirely sure what you mean by that, but if you are looking for airport/pilot info, try looking into LiveFlight

I’ve got that I mean airport and terrain referencing

Ahh, Unfortunately cannot help you there. I suggest you create a new thread asking other pilots/ATC what they use as this threads title may be misleading. Attached below is a link which shows all apps that work alongside IF both for pilots and ATC. Hope this helps.

You can look at the world VFR charts on and check out approach charts for the airport you want to open for terrain.


Spoiler Alert; VHHH is a terrible airport for pattern work.

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Thanks trio I’ll look into this spoiler alert did make me chuckle

Thanks for your help

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