"Jog" setting for global flight

I saw this in another post asking for a feature to speed up time in global flight. I thought I would be SUPER handy to have a “jog” feature (just like in the replay in solo) accessible for use in global flight. There would need to be some restrictions, like you can’t use it in a towered airspace or around other aircraft within 5-10nm. Just a good, fun, easy way to speed up time while still being able to play it whenever you want during your long flight. Feature request inspired by @Spb2727_Spb2727

I know global flight isn’t out yet too, the devs may already have an idea in place. Just giving a suggestion,

#Solo only!


I could see this…but in solo mode only.


Interesting idea. I like the concept. May confuse some ATC when they expect an arrival in 40 minutes and then the aircraft arrives 20 minutes earlier than expected. As you said, restrictions are definitely necessary. This is more for solo mode in my opinion.


it wouldn’t be useful. as said before it could confused ATC. i think people would abuse it especially with like 10 hour flight times then claim they flew these distances.

I don’t think I fathom the idea of a bunch of slingshotting planes on my mini-map. That’s just me though.


I don’t think I fathom the idea of a 13 hour flight either ;)


You would be seeing a C172 fly at let’s say an airliner’s speed and an airliner at a fighter’s speed… Oh and fighters at… alien speed!

Though I find this really weird as it’ll definitely clash with physics on Live


then don’t fly 13 hour flights no one makes you

  1. You don’t have to fly for 13 hours.
  2. I think a better solution to this would be to save your last position before you exit your flight so that you may resume it later.

Currently, if I have to leave I can press the power/home button on my iPhone and IF closes (but not fully as its still running in the background). I can be away for hours and I can re-enter the IF app and I would re-connect to live and I could easily resume my flight. This only works because its saved into my phones RAM/background apps. If they could make a permanent fix where you can actually save where you last left off, it would solve the long haul flight/time issue.


Ah yes… A “save” button! Why haven’t I ever think of this as part of a feature in Global Flight? Oh my…


Blimey, global flight isnt even here yet and already people are asking for a short cut? I thought realism was the key to this sim?


Think of it as ypur first officer taking the controls for a bit fly like an hour of your hour flight then make breaks relastic as you still fly the full flight just with breaks

Ah people… First they say the regions are small and so the term “Global Flight” came out and yes, like you’ve said, the purpose is to achieve realism and today you see them start to regret their own ideas and say “Why not make it faster for longer flights?”

And to add on to the rebuttal against Quik, you aren’t obliged to fly for longer than you wish to. Nobody forced you. You can still likewise fly your short haul as usual. Only when you have the time, battery and eagerness, do you decide to fly for longer!


Sure, nobody is making me fly a 13 hour flight. But I WANT to fly across all that scenery. I want to do it, I just don’t have 13 hours in a day. I do really like the save idea, but again I feel like I wouldn’t want to keep going back to the same flight. It’s kind of a one time thing if you know what I mean?

Even sims like Xplane (I can speak for any others, I don’t have them) have options to fast forward, speed up, etc. I do believe A main goal in IF is to be as realistic as possible. Adding a “jog” setting leaves the realisticness there for people who want it. The amount of people who actually have the time for a 13 hour flight is very…very…very low lol. I’m not saying you HAVE to use this either, it’s just an option if you want to.

Somebody mentioned the flight time would show up longer than they actually would have flown because of the jog speed, maybe the time would just go at normal rate of time, so you only have 30 minutes instead of 13 hours (for example)

Remember folks it’s just a suggestion lol.

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Personnaly i am against the idea in Live, because some people want to fly 100% real time, and will not like if someone get 55000 kts Ground speed beside.

Some peoples like me want to make longer flights (KLAX-KSFO is a great example), not possible with actual region boundaries.

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Yeah for sure. Maybe this will only be in solo, or maybe only in free flight server or something like that.

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I have mixed feelings about this…why!? Because if it happens on live ∞F will be more of a game than a sim…so lets fly real i guess this is why you requested global flights right?real airlines dont “jog” IMHO it’s ∞F flight simulator

you do realise the scenery is not google maps… its just 3 or 4 different images overlapped and repeated over and over. but whatever floats your boat :p

I’m not opposed to it being in solo

It should be that the ATC has to allow the ‘jog’ or something which would cause less confusion but… The ATC could abuse it and say no so there should be like a override sort of thing