Joel_Albert’s Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ NA [PRACTICAL PASSED]

Hello guys

I will be opening Approach Frequency on the Training Server in order to get more practice and experience to become an Officer.

I would love if you guys could help me out. Please let me know if you want to be tagged.

Many thanks in advance

Airport - XXXX

Frequencies - Approach / Departure

RWY in use - XX

Hope to meet you all soon on the Expert Server.

Thread approved by my Trainer @Danish


Status - CLOSED

Airport - TNCA

Frequencies - Approach

RWY in use - 11

Closing at 20.15Z

I am proud to say that today I have passed me Radar test and am an Officer in IFATC. First and foremost I would like to thank my recruiter @Darius_Glover. I would also thank @Danish for all the sessions we had, so many discord calls, drawboards, etc etc. All the hard work paid off. Danish was an excellent trainer. We had sessions almost every day that I did not need to use my ATC tracking thread here on IFC even. It was a really great experience I had while training and I am eager to meet you all in the skies as your Radar Controller.

Also many thanks to @guannlin @Powerito9 @Kebab_Guy65 @gmgarik @BurgerAddict @Powerito9 @BennyBoy_Alpha @The_Kiwi @MANDELA @Maz @anant @Magician @MikaL @Calditaa and many more people.

Sorry if I have not mentioned your names here.

Hope to meet you all soon!


Congrats @Joel_Albert well done, very nice test. I also would like to thank @Danish for training you.

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Congrats, officer Joel! Let’s do a Atlantic Center takeover later!

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Congrats @Joel_Albert and @Danish

9 months ago when started my training 😵‍💫😵‍💫

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Definitely deserved! All that hard work paid off, had a lot of patience in the TTs but you got there in the end!

Congrats again!!!

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Congratulations Joel 🥹👏

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Congrats again Joel!

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Thank you all!!!

Well done mate, it’s well deserved for u. Time for you to hit the approach frequency and start controlling radar :D

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Congrats Joel !!!🍔🍔🍔

Congrats mate, thoroughly deserved for the amount of hours you put in! Looking forward to many OTHH sessions together lol

Congratulations Joel! I enjoyed copying your callsign in all of your sessions 😂

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Thankss guyss!

hahah yeahh of course I remember )))

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Congrats mann! You’re gonna full-cover me omw to Hamad right?🤣

Many congrats once again! You have worked really hard for this. Enjoy it!

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Congratulations Joel! Was always fun the sessions I attended with you! 😊

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Once again congrats Joel! Well done on your training and Danish, great job training him!

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Thankss a lot guyss

Of course matee!!