JoeHaddad’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I want to improve my ATC skills so I can control on the expert server in the future. I’d really appreciate it if anyone can come and make some traffic patterns. Constructive criticism is appreciated.

As long as the topic says it’s open I will still be controlling.

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ESSA (Stockholm Arlanda) :)

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IG Username: Jimbus, Callsign: G-OTYA

Firstly thanks for the pattern work :)

Heres a few tips to help improve:

  • You gave two takeoff clearances, it could have been a mistake but really you should only send one and check which direction you want me heading before sending the message.
  • On the first pattern, I hadn’t even got onto the crosswind leg before you started clearing me for the option, ideally you should have waited till I said my intensions and the clearing should have been done on the downwind leg.
  • You also gave me multiple clearings for the option however this stopped once you found the “Cleared for the option, after the option, make right traffic” message.
  • Lastly when on my last landing, you told me to exit runway at around 105kts. You should only tell aircraft to exit the runway once the aircraft is stable at around 60kts.

Hope these comments help in striving to be an IFATC, and Good Luck

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Hmmm… If you announce take off remaining in the pattern, no matter when the clearance is (Between upwind and early downwind). He could clear you as soon as he is sure.

BTW, this also, most clearances are issued on crosswind @JoeHaddad

Please note this as feedback, we all learn everyday!

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I’m now open for anyone who wants to make patterns :).

Pretty good I’d say… I think you could’ve used enter LDW 19R traffic to follow is on final for N963VT when he requested to change to runway 19R @D3m8r14 .

Sequencing was good… Transition altitude was a bit high, I’d suggest you keep it at 3000-3500 ft :)

Good overall!
Thank you for your service…

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Thanks a lot. Forgive me for sounding stupid but what do you mean by transition altitude and how can I determine if it’s too high or low?

Hi! I was K708NP, and it was a great session!

Here is my feedback:

  • Ground ATC was perfect ;)
  • You should clear me or the other planes at crosswind or early downwind.
  • Except if the plane is requesting to change rwy, you shouldn’t use a pattern instruction to pattern work as the plane knows which way he has to turn :)
  • Great sequencing
  • You shouldn’t have used the expedite command to @Alpster as I was at 3NM of the rwy

I hope I see you soon and good luck for the future!


Thanks a lot for your feedback! I’ll take it into account! :)

Here is the definition of the transition:

For transition, it has to be at 2500FT AAL (as jet planes do pattern work at 1500 ft and the minimum separation between aircrafts is 1000 ft) rounded ( at ESSA, as the apron altitude is something around 100 ft, the transition altitude would be ( 2500 + 100 = 2600 → 3000 ft) 3000 ft)

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I’m now open at ESSA!

I’m controlling tower and ground on ESSA, help me improve my skills! 🤗

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