Joe Christus Haddad Tracking thread OLBA Airport (CLOSED)

I Will be opening the Beirut Rafic Hariri airport for 2 straight hours. I would love it if you could keep it realistic with what airline you will be using and what destination you are departing or arriving from.

Here are some examples of routes that u can use and with what airlines. (You can check on the internet for airlines that fly to and from Beirut)

Airline: Emirates/Middle East Airlines

Airline: Turkish airlines/Middle East Airlines

Airline: British Airways/Middle East Airlines

Airline: Alitalia

Airline: Air France/Middle East Airlines

Airline: Scandinavian Airlines/Middle East Airlines

Airline: Lufthansa/Middle East Airlines

I would really appreciate it if anyone could join. Thank you!


I think I Will be there


13:00 zulu? what time

I already started. And dont worry, i will be here for a long time. :)

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Im sorry i was unclear about the time before. I meant to say 10.00 Zulu time, meaning i started the ATC 15 min ago. :)

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Thank you Diederick! How can i improve ? :)


First you did a very good job since you are playing if for a month now !
Here is my feedback

  1. You cleared me to taxi before I requested taxi, meaning I was not ready.
  2. You told me to contact tower. When you give me taxi clearence you also say ‘contact tower when ready’ so you don’t have to tell me to contact tower.
  3. Good choice that you told me to make right traffic.
  4. You don’t have to tell enter right downwind runway 8, it is a geven that I Will enter rightdownwind since I was remaining in the pattern. Just say number 1 cleared for the option.
  5. You handled the runway change pretty good.
    Overall a 8/10

I understand! Thanks for your reply and thank u so much for joining! I will work on everything u said and hopefully I will get better soon. :)


I am open at LFMN if you want you can have a stop

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Alright, ill be there!

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Are you still open ?


If u want i can go back.

Yeah that would be great, it’s my home airport. I’m lebanese :)

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Im controlling the OLBA airport right now. You are welcome to fly from or to the airport! :) I am Lebanese too.

Spawning in right now.

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Come on, community, let’s have some airplanes in this beautiful airport !

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I’m there at the moment doing pattern work in an MEA A321 (Cedar Jet 321). Just a few pointers:

  • when someone is doing pattern work (ie going round and round for touch and goes) you should clear them for the option and let them know whether to make left or right traffic, rather than clearing them to land. If they choose to land and end the pattern work then you’ll know by the thrust reversers deploying. Best to wait and see if they’re stopping before giving an exit runway instruction.

  • you told me to enter right downwind having previously told me left, and I was turning left after a touch and go. Not sure if that was just a mistake, but left downwind is the side where I’ll be making left turns to come back to the airport, right downwind the opposite for right turns. At OLBA there is a lot of terrain on the right downwind for runway 03.


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I get what you mean and I will work on that! Thank you for your response! :)

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