JoaoCardoso’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ LFBO

Airport: LFBO
Server: Training
Status: Closed

Hi! Welcome to my ATC Tracking Thread! Feel free to suggest and help me on my way to IFATC.

Hey I’m coming right now

@JoaoCardoso I don’t see you?

I was there

Why did you close, I was on pattern ?

Were you the one landing even after I asked to go around?

Absolutely not… I was OK-YEAH on left downwind as you told me (go around, make left trafic 09R)

Just ignore the trolls when you have somebody serious on your tracking thread please…don’t leave for 1 not listening when we were 2-3 listing (KLM and I at least). Let him do, adjust yourself and the others will continue follow your instructions

Then. it was not you! I’m sorry, but it was the other pilot who doesn’t obey simple instructions.

You will have to get used to that while on training server 😂

Truth. once again sorry, but it’s because I’ve been training for hours studying ATC and a guy comes and gets completely discouraged.

what language?😂😏

I understand that! It’s hours of studying and training (and trolls, and newbies) but you will go trough that…with a tracking thread it will be easier. try to open small or desert airport to avoid the trolls

Next time I’ll do that. thanks for the council ❤️👏🏼👏🏼

Training server does get irritating sometimes, but it’s where we all learn. People will do things that gets under your skin, like even sometimes they disconnect from your instructions. It is what it is, those who listen to you will help you learn.

I would recommend non-high traffic volumes, go to smaller airports as J-F_V said. Will help you much more when it comes to those who give feedback for you. Thats where you really learn.

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You are welcome!
Don’t discourage yourself…serious trainers will spot you and fly for you eventually…after your written is passed, you will se a totally different scenario taking form 😉

Better 2-3 planes listening to you than 10 doing nothing good 😂

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Thank you! I will follow your instructions.

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My dream 😂

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It has began…

I was flying for you minutes ago 👍🏻

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I hope it happens soon, again…🤌🏼👏🏼

Also, I do have one more piece of advice. When you are ATC on training and someone is obviously just trolling and not doing anything good, you can swipe right on the card of the aircraft that will not listen, and it turns them “ghost” , this way you can pretend that person is not there. That’s what I do with obvious trolls.

Also helps when you tell someone to change freq. and they dont


Keep opening your thread and deal with trolls and we’ll appear 😂

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